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SBISD’s Parent Teacher Associations work to empower families and help Every Child succeed

Pictured: SBISD PTA members during annual Founder's Day event 

The Spring Branch ISD Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) are dedicated to bringing families and schools together to support student success, affirming the belief set forth in SBISD’s Family Education, Engagement and Empowerment Framework (Family E3)

“The PTAs provide programs on strengthening family-school partnerships and free resources for members on issues and areas such as STEM and health and safety,” said Dominique Harvey, SBISD Council of PTAs president. “With schools facing challenges, the PTA is more important than ever.” 

During the 2021-22 school year, the SBISD PTAs achieved over 100% of the previous year’s total membership collectively, and reached their highest enrollment within the last three years. Additionally, they recruited a diverse membership base reflective of the community. 

To ensure all SBISD schools are equally supported, the Sister School Solution was implemented, where the ultimate goal is to have each school paired with another to share their talents, gifts and goodwill efforts. Active PTAs adopt a sister school in the district with needs for extra parent support and collaborate to meet the needs of students, staff and families. Some PTAs have adopted two schools in an effort to ensure all schools have a sister school.  

Sister School partnerships are based on collaboration between schools, with the common goal of providing the best education possible for all students. Throughout the year, Sister School coordinators collaborate to identify needs. When requests are made, the coordinators immediately put out calls for the resources needed.

“Our PTAs are critically important partners in the education of Every Child,” said Associate Superintendent of Communications and Community Engagement Linda Buchman. “PTA volunteers are difference makers in their schools, providing resources, programming and supports that enhance the student experience.”

SBISD’s local PTAs currently have more than 12,000 members combined and actively collaborate with district leadership, the Spring Branch Education Foundation and the Texas PTA to promote child advocacy and ensure all students’ social, emotional and academic needs are met. 

The SBISD PTAs also focus on promoting the welfare of children in their homes, schools and community. They actively work to secure adequate laws for their care and protection and engage families and communities to advocate for all students. 

“The number one reason to join the PTA is to benefit your child,” added Harvey. “Be part of a powerful association that advocates on behalf of all students and educators at the local, state and national levels.” 

Learn more about joining your local PTA for the 2022-23 school year.