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Soaring Together: Memorial Middle School Eagles Making a Difference


The National Junior Honor Society students of Memorial Middle School have demonstrated "Collective Greatness" through their unwavering commitment to leadership and community involvement. 

These student leaders have invested their time and passion in supporting events such as Northbrook Middle School's Holiday Shopping Extravaganza, Wilchester Elementary's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) festival, and coordinating an International Day at Memorial Middle School.

Moreover, they have provided essential aid to the school faculty by assisting in classroom organization and playing the crucial role of tour guides for campus newcomers. 

In addition, they have demonstrated their generosity by leading an initiative with Memorial Hermann to provide essential clothing and footwear to homeless men in the vicinity. Their efforts also yielded $548 in food donations, which provided two weeks of nutritious meals for students at Sherwood and Thornwood elementary schools.

Meredith Pickett, NJHS sponsor for Memorial Middle School and sixth-grade science teacher, expressed her pride in the students. 

"In addition to their academic responsibilities and outside school commitments, our students make the time to serve,” said Pickett. “Serving others connects our members to our school and community and develops an awareness of the needs of others." 

Their efforts embody the Core Characteristics of a T-2-4 Ready Graduate in SBISD, showcasing empathy, leadership, and a service-oriented attitude.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Memorial Eagles for their commendable commitment to service, leadership, and empathy. Their engagement in community service initiatives and ensuing success exemplify the positive impact teamwork can achieve. 

Without a doubt, the Eagles of Memorial Middle School continue to soar higher and higher!