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Sowing the Seeds: Spring Branch ISD's "Grow Your Own" Program Cultivates Future Educators


For the past four years, Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) has been cultivating the future of education through its innovative "Grow Your Own" teacher talent pipeline initiative, empowering aspiring educators to flourish within their own community.

Since its official launch in 2020, the innovative program, has shaped 107 students into SBISD teachers of tomorrow.

"So much of a teacher's success is being able to connect to the larger community, and the 'Grow Your Own' program helps SBISD foster that," said Karen Heeth, SBISD Associate Superintendent of Administration and Talent. "The initiative also breaks down barriers to entering the teaching profession and lets students see what it's like to be in the classroom, ensuring those going on to pursue higher education are adequately prepared and know what to expect."

Built into the Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway, students enrolled in the "Grow Your Own" Program take classes in education, learn best practices, and complete internships alongside experienced teachers in SBISD classrooms.

"It is very nice that SBISD provides an opportunity for students who are passionate for teaching and encourages students to come back to teach," said Memorial High School's Charlotte Stiles.


On April 11, during a formal celebration of family and friends, SBISD extended 16 letters of intent to students completing the "Grow Your Own" program. Each letter represents a commitment from SBISD to hire the student as a teacher in the district after they earn their college degree and teaching certificate.

"It's an honor to watch our students come full circle as the next generation of SBISD educators, wanting to make an impact in the community where they grew up," said Dr. Jennifer Blaine, SBISD Superintendent of Schools. "We can't wait to see what they do to inspire and shape young minds in the classroom."

Congratulations to our aspiring educators!

Memorial High School

  • Riley Eskridge
  • Zoe Salmon
  • Charlotte Stiles
  • Victoria Stokes

Northbrook High School

  • Aracely Arellano
  • Nayzeth Castillo

Spring Woods High School

  • Abigail Maldonado Cruz
  • Henessy Marquez

Stratford High School

  • Pauling Caussade
  • Avarie Cauthen
  • Ava Diaz
  • Emily Mica
  • Elena Padilla
  • Lauren Payne
  • Erin Elizabeth Pluchino
  • Cara Presley

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