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Spring Branch Education Foundation awards 117 scholarships


Spring Branch Education Foundation (SBEF) has awarded 117 scholarships to Spring Branch Independent School District seniors—a total of $186,100.

Evan Perroni, SBEF board member and chair of the Scholarship Committee, said, “I wish we had unlimited funds because narrowing down the scholarship awards is always much more difficult than anticipated. There are so many amazing students walking the halls of SBISD schools.”

Each senior’s story is reflected in his or her scholarship application. “We’re always impressed,” said Cece Thompson, SBEF executive director. “Many of our recipients will be the first in their families to attend college or a career-training program.

“We take a holistic approach to awarding scholarships. We look at personal qualities, school and community involvement, family life and academics. Our honorees include students up and down class rankings, campus and community volunteers and English language learners. These scholarships are a vote of confidence as graduates take their next educational step.”

For the second year, due to social distancing requirements, SBEF was unable to award scholarships at its annual Bright Stars of SBISD event. This year, a virtual presentation is available, via YouTube, at https://youtu.be/5Zi3113ZsXg.

SBEF Employee Campaign Scholarship

Throughout the school year, Spring Branch ISD staff members contribute to the SBEF Employee Campaign, funding scholarships for SBISD graduates who are children of district employees. In August 2020, employees were asked to contribute to SBEF’s 2020-21 Employee Campaign scholarship fund. They eagerly responded. 

“The response was so great we awarded a $1,000 scholarship to 33 graduates. We’re honored to recognize SBISD employees and their children,” Thompson said.

Academy of Choice – Daniel Nipper

Memorial High School – Bill Chandler, Mariel Errasquin, Weston Howell, Ruby Singletary, Lourdes Zavala-Corzo

Northbrook High School – Gina Perez, Leslie Pineda

Spring Woods High School – Dusty Cutler, Aidan Hefner, Marley Hennig, Trinity Martinez-de la Rosa

Stratford High School – Kaitlyn Campbell, Joshua Cooper, Jackson Cossey, Rhett Cossey, Cade Cox, Karley Egger, Jacob Evetts, Karla Navarrete, Emma Painter, Mark Perkins, Matthew Prudhomme, Emma Raley, Gavin Sharp, Adrian Storey, Lauren White

Westchester Academy for International Studies – Dalia Sanchez Soledad, Karen Sotomayor

YesPrep Northbrook High School – Isaac Camarillo, Abraham Mandujano, Jose Mendez, Emmanuel Taboada

Other scholarships were presented to SBISD graduates by individuals or organizations, funded through SBEF.


Jennie Vought Baker Memorial Scholarship

Varun Kalappa – Memorial High School

Daphne Morford – Stratford High School


Warren Barfield Memorial Scholarship

John Brennan, Jon Nederveld – Stratford High School


Andres Bautista Memorial Scholarship

Michael Molina – Northbrook High School


Bunker Hill Elementary PTA Leave a Legacy Scholarship

Sarah Rother – Memorial High School


Sarah Chidgey Memorial Scholarship

Sara Yazdi – Stratford High School


Don Coleman Scholarship

Isabella Leal – Stratford High School


Diego R. Colunga Scholarship

Karen Martinez – YesPrep Northbrook High School


Cornerstone Academy PTA Scholarship

Kara Moss – Stratford High School


Council of PTAs Scholarship

Natalie Winn – Stratford High School


Benjamin Cuellar Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Vierra – Stratford High School


Toby Finnett Scholarship

Haoyu Fan – Memorial High School


First Community Credit Union Scholarship

Emma Feuer, Rachel Sedita – Memorial High School


Frostwood Elementary PTA Scholarship

Mary Kate Skrabanek – Memorial High School


Goldstein-Altman Scholarship

Abhinav Sinha – Memorial High School


Housman Elementary Scholarship

Martha Moreno – Westchester Academy for International Studies


Housman Mustangs Scholarship

Sofia Phucas – Stratford High School


Hunters Creek Elementary PTA Scholarship

Haley Isaac – Memorial High School


Marissa Colunga Klussmann Scholarship

Alicia Balbuena – Spring Woods High School

Jose Hernandez Ramirez – YesPrep Northbrook High School


Lions Club Scholarship

Samantha Pineda – Northbrook High School

Endy Martinez – Spring Woods High School


Meadow Wood Elementary PTA Scholarship

Itzel Ortiz – Stratford High School


Memorial City Mall Scholarship

Madison Cooper, Thy Ho – Spring Woods High School


Memorial Drive Elementary PTA Scholarship

John Moldvaer-Leyendecker – Memorial High School


Memorial High School Alumni Scholarship

Sarah Li, Stephanie Shaub, Gavin Simpson – Memorial High School


Memorial High School PTA Scholarship

Taylor Franklin – Memorial High School


Memorial Middle School PTA Scholarship

Andie Hilberth – Stratford High School


Moms of Boys Scholarship

Matthew Vierra – Stratford High School

Christopher Nguyen – YesPrep Northbrook High School


Monica Neubauer Memorial Scholarship

Claire McCord, Bailey Zhang – Memorial High School


Tommy Neumann Music Scholarship

Emma Papapanagiotou, Trevor Ramey – Stratford High School


Northbrook High School Alumni Scholarship

Ivan Rojas – Northbrook High School

Adriana Grimaldo – YesPrep Northbrook High School


Northbrook Raiders PTSA Scholarship

Jaqueline Gutierrez – YesPrep Northbrook High School


Nottingham Elementary PTA Scholarship

Hannah Morris – Stratford High School


Rachel Pendray Memorial Scholarship

Thomas Cain III, Laura Paz Agreda, Leysa Vasquez – Spring Woods High School


Prosperity Bank Scholarship

Valeria Juarez – YesPrep Northbrook High School


Rummel Creek Elementary PTA Scholarship

Kayla Sidik – Memorial High School

Rebecca Dawson – Stratford High School


Rummel Creek Men’s Club Education Scholarship

Luke Centanni, Sarah Chan, Mackenzie King, William Moak, Madison Morrow – Stratford High School


Spring Branch Education Foundation Scholarship

Vanessa Nunley, Christopher Wilkinson – Memorial High School

Sophia Bajarano, Kelly Chau – Stratford High School

Noemi Ibarra, Torrance Williams – YesPrep Northbrook High School


Spring Branch ISD Communications Team Scholarship

Megan Benz – Memorial High School

Reese Leif, Elliot Schein – Stratford High School


Spring Forest Middle School PTA Scholarship

Stephanie Munoz, Valeria Noguera – Stratford High School


Spring Woods High School Alumni Scholarship

Helene Hernandez, Yazmine Jordan – Spring Woods High School


Spring Woods High School Alumni Scholarship in honor of Christine Brunsman

Valeria Salgado – Spring Woods High School


Stratford High School Alumni Scholarship

Sophia Jegi – Stratford High School


Stratford High School PTSA Scholarship

Hannah Ngo – Stratford High School


Judy Weisend Memorial Scholarship

Kara Nagasaki – Stratford High School


Westchester Alumni Association, Inc. Scholarship

Madeleine Carey, Madison Do, Yuta Haratsu, Stephanie Martinez, Katy Murphy, Cynthia Sanchez Hidalgo – Westchester Academy for International Studies


Westchester Academy of International Studies PTA Scholarship

Connor Harvey – Westchester Academy for International Studies


Wilchester Elementary PTA Scholarship

Caroline Emery – Stratford High School


Wilchester Men’s Club Scholarship

Conover Able, Andrew Arend, Jackson Cockrum, Julia Gage, Caroline Parnell, Madeline Reichel – Stratford High School

Community members who wish to support scholarship programs are invited to make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation and earmark it for scholarships. Call 713-251-2381 or visit sbef@springbranchisd.com for more information.


About Spring Branch Education Foundation:

Spring Branch Education Foundation is committed to supporting SBISD students and educators. It partners with the district and community to fund programs that enhance education and ̅prepare students for the future. In 2016, Caruthers Institute ranked SBEF 42nd in the nation among 188 K-12 education foundations and in the top 10 of its division of foundations with $1 million to $1,999,999 in revenues. Since 1993, the Foundation has donated more than $15 million to the district. SBEF is a 501(c)3 organization; all donations are tax deductible.