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Spring Branch ISD police officers save trapped kitten
SBISD police saves kitten

Spring Branch ISD Police Officers recently went above and beyond to save a frightened kitten.

The kitten had been trapped in the engine compartment of a car at the campus for two days as Westchester Academy staff tried to coax it out.

Spring Branch ISD Police arrived and went to work. Sergeant Shannon Overton crawled underneath the car to try to reach the kitten, and Officer Emanuel Honeycutt offered up his lunch – pasta – as an enticement, but the kitten would not come out.

The officers jacked up the car so Sgt. Overton could crawl further underneath. They even had to remove a couple of pieces of the car to get to the kitten, but in the end, it was worth it – the kitten was saved!

SBISD police saves kitten

School staff called the kitten “Wild Kitty Cat” and have given it a forever home. “Thank you for your dedication and excellent care,” school staff wrote to Sgt. Overton. Considering she normally works with one of the department’s K-9 units, rescuing a cat was a new notch (scratch?) on Overton’s police belt.