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Spring Branch ISD students continue to exceed state and national averages in ACT scores


A recent report shows that Spring Branch ISD high school students exceeded Texas and national average scores on the ACT, a standardized test used for college admissions. 

According to the report, SBISD’s Class of 2022 had higher average scores than the state and national averages in every subject and composite scores over the past five years (Table 1). They also had a far higher percentage of students meeting ACT college readiness indicators (Table 2). 




“Our student achievement continues to be strong across a variety of assessments,” said Dr. Jennifer Blaine, SBISD Superintendent. “I am so proud of our students and our amazing teachers and administrators that equip them with tools to succeed.” 

As an example, 91% of SBISD students testing met ACT’s college readiness benchmark in English, compared to 52% in Texas and 53% nationwide. 

A total of 433 students from the 2022 graduating class took the ACT. Since 2006, SBISD has annually outperformed both the state and national composite scores for each graduating class. 

*SBISD does not offer a school day for students to take the ACT. In 2019, a school day ACT was piloted at Westchester Academy and Spring Woods High School.