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Students build careers in Spring Woods High Construction Program



The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Construction Technology program at Spring Woods High School is preparing students for successful careers in the construction industry.

Their most recent project, a tiny home prototype, has provided students with hands-on experience in carpentry and construction math skills, as well as valuable safety instruction.

“Raising the walls was my favorite part,” said senior Brandon Roman. “It was a moment where we all worked together, like a family.”

The skills learned in this program open a variety of career pathways for students, including entry-level construction jobs, higher education degrees in architecture and engineering and other skilled trades such as plumbing and electrical work.

“It’s fun and gives us experience,” said senior Arron Perez. “I can go out and feel confident that I can walk on a job site and know what to do. I’ve really learned a lot and am ready for the next step.”

“The majority of students who complete CTE programming go on to pursue higher education with the skills learned leading to lifelong success in various industries," said SBISD Director of Career and Technical Education Christina RiceImumwen.

The experience gained through the Career and Technical Education Construction Technology at Spring Woods High School is invaluable. Students learn how to use hand and power tools to measure and cut lumber as well as how to decide how much to buy.

Having this experience, students start to see themselves as leaders and potential future business owners, with lucrative career fields. For instance, HVAC technicians earn an average of $80,000 a year.

Additionally, they gain a wide range of skills that position them ahead of the curve when it comes to safety certifications and future job requirements.

“There are a lot of key components to the class that are super critical,” said SWHS Construction Technology Teacher John Matthews. “Employers need kids that have experience. It’s about providing an advantage for our kids when entering the workforce.”

Students in CTE also see the relevant connections between what they learn in the classroom and what they can apply to a career experience. Students are more engaged and perform better overall in their academic studies.

“This is exciting for people in the construction industry right now,” said Matthews. “It’s a huge plus for them to have a pipeline of skilled workers. We’re trying to expand and open to as many industry partners as we can get. It helps them and it helps our kids.”

Construction Technology is just one of the programs within SBISD’s 26 CTE pathwaysClick here to learn more about SBISD's 2022 Bond Program. The program supports expansion of CTE in SBISD.