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Students win more than $42,000 in scholarships during architectural competition



Sixteen Spring Branch ISD Architectural Design students recently won $42,600 in scholarships, as part of the Michael G. Meyers Design and Scholarship Competition. The students were recognized during the annual American Institute of Architects (AIA) – Houston Awards Ceremony. 

There were more than 81 project entries and over 120 participants. The Guthrie Center had 37 entries, including individual and group entries. This year, the American Institute of Architects raised $43,000 in donations for student scholarships and SBISD students received $42,600. 

Fuad Loutfi and Xavier Martinez, Architectural Design teachers at the Guthrie Center, expressed how proud of and excited they are for the students and their dedication to studying architecture. 

“We are excited to see what their futures hold and we will be here to help guide them as much as we can!” said Loutfi. 

The Michael G. Meyers Design and Scholarship Competition began in January 2023, during a student and teacher workshop, where students had an opportunity to interact and learn with Houston-area architects and designers. During the workshop, the project theme was announced. 

This year’s task was to design a youth center for a location in Magnolia Park. The students were instructed to analyze the surrounding neighborhood and design a building that would fit the youth center's requirements and tie into the neighborhood. 

There were many components to the project, as students had to include a gym area, a library and classrooms, among other requirements. They also had to keep existing buildings on the site. Students had the choice to complete the project individually or with a partner. 

Students participated in the Project Site Tour, a virtual visit that allowed them to understand how to incorporate their design into the surrounding environment. They then had an interim review, where the students received feedback from architectural professionals. 

The final stage was the awards ceremony, where winners were announced and recognized. The competition had a variety of categories including Individual Project, Group Project, AIA Dedication to Architecture, Design Narrative, Sustainability and Resilience, Technical Drawings, Programming/Organization, Architectural Model, Visual Renderings, Architectural Sketching, Visual Presentation, Architectural Language and Design Concept. 

“We are so proud of the outstanding accomplishments of our Architectural Design students!” said Angelique Sanchez, CTE facilitator. “Events such as the Michael G. Meyers Design Competition provide students with the opportunity to learn from and network with professors and practicing architects to design and showcase industry-standard architectural work. These competitions, along with the robust program designed by our Guthrie Center architectural teachers, prepare students for what is expected in a collegiate architecture program and in the profession.” 

Architectural Design is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway, where students are introduced to architectural history and explore sketching, perspectives and technical drawings, as well as learn to navigate and use industry-standard platforms. Learn more about the Guthrie Center’s Architectural Design program

CTE aligns with SBISD’s T-2-4 vision of having every graduate attain a technical certificate, military training or a two-year or four-year degree. CTE programs and pathways provide students with opportunities to explore career interests and experience hands-on learning from industry experts. This exposure to academic and career interests ensures CTE students are prepared for post-secondary success.


The Michael G. Meyers Design and Scholarship Competition SBISD recipients include: 


Individual Project:

First place: $10,000 

Jackson Potter, Stratford High 

Second place: $8,000

Ana Sofia Martinez, Spring Woods High 

Third place: $4,000

Amelia Nuzzo, Memorial High 

Fourth place: $2,000

Kevin Urbina, Spring Woods High 

Group Project: 

First place: $8,000 

Leonel Figueroa & Josef York, Memorial High 

Second place: $6,000

Mayar Bradi and Cameron Kennedy, Westchester Academy for International Studies 

AIA Dedication to Architecture Award: $3,000

Ana Sofia Martinez, Spring Woods High 

Design Narrative: $200

Miriam Osbon, Stratford High                                          

Sustainability & Resilience: $200

Ester Acuna, Stratford High                                                            

Technical Drawings: $200

John Luna, Memorial High                                                                          

Visual Renderings: $200

Annabel Endicott, Westchester Academy for International Studies                                  

Architectural Sketching: $200

Zanli Morris, Memorial High                                              

Visual Presentation: $200

Paige Koehn, Memorial High                                            

Architectural Language: $200 

Sarah Schwartz, Stratford High                                      

Design Concept: $200

Angela Sanchez, Westchester Academy for International Studies                                                 

Congratulations to all scholarship recipients, we are #SBISDProud of you! 

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