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Success Beyond Graduation: Understanding CCMR


In SBISD, we believe in our vision of T-2-4 for Every Child. We provide students with the skills, resources, and information needed to succeed. That’s why we want to raise awareness about the Texas Education Agency's (TEA) College Career and Military Readiness (CCMR) measure.

What is CCMR?

CCMR is how TEA measures if students are college and career ready. It encompasses a range of opportunities for students to showcase their readiness for college, career, or military service. With various criteria, CCMR caters to each student's unique strengths and aspirations.

How can my child meet the CCMR measure

College Ready:
Students can meet the CCMR measure by achieving success in several ways, including meeting criteria on AP/IB exams, meeting necessary scores on TSI assessments such as SAT/ACT/TSIA2, completing college prep courses, or even earning an industry-based certification or level one certificate through CTE.

Career Ready:
For those students interested in pursuing a career right after high school, achieving CCMR can be done by earning industry certifications or level one or two certificates. These certifications demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge for employment in various industries.

Military Ready:
Enlisting in the United States Armed Forces is also recognized as meeting the CCMR measure. Students who have identified military service as their path can take pride in this achievement.

Supporting EVERY CHILD:
Our counselors and administrators work closely with students, providing guidance and support to plan for and achieve CCMR. We are committed to helping Every Child achieve their T-2-4 goals, whether it involves pursuing higher education, earning a certification, or entering the military.

To learn more about CCMR and how it applies to your child's educational journey, we invite you to visit the T-2-4 College & Career Planning website. If you have questions, please reach out to your school counselor.

Or, email us at t24sbisd@springbranchisd.com.