Spring Branch ISD Featured News

Summer Dog Show Draws Local Art Students

By Jane Lee

Forty-nine Spring Branch ISD students from several campuses took part in the Houston World Series Dog Show Art Competition held at NRG Center. The five-day exhibit included a July 20 student art awards ceremony.

The Dr. Mari Jon Filla Student Art Exhibit and Contest has been part of dog show highlights since the early 1980s. Students use the exhibit and contest to focus their artistic talents on man’s best friend, the loveable dog.
Almost 800 student art entries were received for this year’s show. SBISD students were honored for their works in the following categories:
Committee Choice Awards -- $50 each
  • Jane Lee, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Joy Chung, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Hope Harlow, Spring Woods High, 12th Grade
Blue Ribbon Excellence Awards
  • Eva Bryan, Spring Woods High, 9th Grade
  • Kunyang Li, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Olivia Stuyck, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Sarai Centeno, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Zain Syed, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Britni Oriahi, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Ruby Zhou, Memorial High, 10th Grade

    By Joy Chung

  • Sharon Han, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Cassie Briggs, Memorial High, 11th Grade
  • Christina Ofori, Memorial High, 11th Grade
  • Felipe Oscobedo, Spring Woods High, 11th Grade
  • Eleanor Green, Memorial High, 12th Grade
  • Long Tran, Spring Woods High, 12th Grade
  • Nayana Cardoso, Memorial High, 12th Grade
  • Sarah Cowan, Memorial High, 12th Grade
Red Ribbon Merit Awards
  • Lila Marshall, Bunker Hill Elementary, 3rd Grade
  • Dalilah Quintero, Bunker Hill Elementary, 5th Grade
  • Kate Gentner, Bunker Hill Elementary, 5th Grade
  • Reika Truong, Bunker Hill Elementary, 5th Grade
  • Aspen Eastham, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Blake Sanders, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Brooke Onorato, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Chandler Gartner, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Kathleen O’Dannell, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Kelsey Williams, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Meliza Zapata, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Rachel Sedita, Memorial High, 9th Grade
  • Aida Pourmousen, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Brynn Bertovic, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Chris Park, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Dani Rubbo, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Kaitlyn Blan, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Kirim Kim, Memorial High, 10th Grade

    By Hope Harlow

  • Siddhanth Menon, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Taylor Dixon, Memorial High, 10th Grade
  • Alana Arnold, Memorial High, 11th Grade
  • Caroline Giannukos, Memorial High, 11th Grade
  • Cate Burrow, Memorial High, 11th Grade
  • Eleanor Antestenis, Memorial High, 11th Grade
  • Gus Antestenis, Memorial High, 11th Grade
  • Isabella McNeill, Memorial High, 11th Grade
  • Jeovanny Tello, Spring Woods High, 11th Grade
  • Sanjana Menon, Memorial High, 11th Grade
  • Donte Castillo, Spring Woods High, 12th Grade
  • Forrest Deshang, Memorial High, 12th Grade
  • Zeinab Azizkhani, Memorial High, 12th Grade
Art instructors supporting student art submissions included Elisa Barry, Paul Choate and Marilyn Guerinot at Memorial High School; Karen Barnett and Rebekah Tee at Spring Woods High School; and Sarah Rimboch at Bunker Hill Elementary School.