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Supporting literacy skills at home through ReadSBISD


Literacy is a key priority in Spring Branch ISD and we all have a part to play in helping our students develop skills that will serve them in all areas of learning, in and out of school. The fundamentals of reading and writing are necessary for success across multiple academic subjects, as well as career and personal growth. 

But literacy is more than just reading and writing. It is important for young people to consider many points of view, to be able to evaluate content for its validity, and express informed opinions in multiple ways. 

You can help us Inspire Minds and Shape Lives!

Whether you are a parent, guardian, grandparent, mentor, neighbor or community member, there are many ways, large and small, to support literacy skill building with students of all ages. 

The resources on the ReadSBISD website can be used to engage young people in developing an awareness of how literacy is part of every day. 

  • The Reading Resources for Parents & Families section features links to multiple documents, activity ideas and how-to videos. 
  • The ReadSBISD Parent Guide (in Spanish and English), for families with students pre-K to second grade, contain many simple things you can do to help your child along a pathway to literacy development.

In addition, SBISD’s Grade Levels Guides provide an overview of what your child will learn each nine weeks. It focuses on the key skills in each curriculum content area, building a strong foundation for success throughout the school year. Each guide contains suggestions for at-home activities to support learning.

Thank you for partnering with us to expand the focus on literacy and for helping SBISD students become life-long learners.

To learn about literacy partnership opportunities or to volunteer as an SBISD Reading Buddy, contact the Partnerships and Volunteer Programs Office at 713.251.2460 or partner@springbranchisd.com