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“Thank you for believing in me,” is the statement every professional school counselor in SBISD hopes to hear from students and their families.

Our counselors chose this profession because they genuinely care about helping kids with the ups and downs of growing up.
Take a moment this week to thank the Professional School Counselor at your school. They care about Every Child and guide their students’ social and emotional growth. 

Here are just a few of the services SBISD counselors provide day in and day out at 46 campuses, from Pre-K to high school. They are:

  • Educators. Our counselors teach students about healthy relationships, wise choices, career options and opportunities, managing emotions, mental health, advocating for one’s self, social justice, and more. 
  • Coordinators. Our counselors coordinate mentoring programs such as SpringBoard and Collegiate Challenge, special events on campus like Character without Question and career days; course selection and high school planning for all of our secondary students; college field trips, and much more.
  • Encouragers. Our counselors regularly meet with students to encourage them as they plan their educational journey. 
  • Supporters. Our counselors support every aspect of our students’ education -- academic, social, and emotional -- and support all who are working with our students, including parents, teachers, and administrators.
  •  Advocates. Our counselors regularly and tirelessly advocate for the physical and mental needs of their students. 

Warm a heart: Use this template (or your design) to write a note of thanks to a professional school counselor, you know (or make a note or sign on your own). 

Share your appreciation with… the world:

Take a picture with your professional school counselor (with your note of appreciation!) and post it to #SBISDProud, @SBISD.