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Students at Landrum Middle School are experiencing The Ripple Effect, and it's coming from Brooklyn, New York.

Yogi Naraine, the founder of a messaging platform called Declaration, was surprised to see students band together when the school was recently impacted by Tropical Storm Imelda. The storm dropped record rain in some Houston areas with little to no warning in late September. Students took charge and stepped in to assist staff in clearing water and cleaning up the campus.
Once the school was back online, members of the school community posted messages of thanks on social media. These postings are what sparked action from Naraine. After seeing the school community's accomplishment, Naraine wanted to show his support. He generously donated breakfast for staff and students and sent a special video message as a reminder that actions don't go unnoticed.
Boxes of sausage breakfast sandwiches kicked off a morning pep rally organized by campus leaders. With the school mascot performing groovy dance moves and campus leaders cheering on the kids, the event was a great way to reset following a major weather event.


Naraine's message was one that resonated – aligning with Landrum's motto: Lions Never Let Others Settle. "The event really cultivated the leadership we always want to see in our kids and staff," said Steven Speyer, school principal.

Along with celebrating student leaders, the pep rally also provided an opportunity to thank the entire school community for its hard work during a challenging situation. "We want to take that 'rise up' spirit and continue it on the course of the year," said Speyer.
To do that the school is launching a new student leadership initiative that will focus on honoring students who rise to the occasion with character when facing challenging situations.
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