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The Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees has approved the formation of a special committee charged with defining what students at key grade levels – fifth, eighth and 12th grades – need to know to be a successful Spring Branch T-2-4 graduate.

The district’s single-focused district goal, known as Spring Branch T-2-4, aims for every district graduate to attain a technical certificate, military training or a two- or four-year college or university degree.
The 80-member Visioning for the Future Committee was named on August 24 at the Board of Trustees regular monthly meeting. This special committee includes Trustees, district superintendent and senior staff, and a wide-ranging group that ranges from district and campus administrators to teachers and staff members, parents, students and community members.
Formation of the committee acknowledges that the system has not clearly stated what T-2-4 readiness looks like while students are advancing from PreK for 3-year-olds up through 12th grade, or spending as many as 14 years inside SBISD.
The committee will help define the attributes, sets of skills, competencies and experiences SBISD students need to develop and reach milestones, defined as The Vision of a T-2-4 Graduate at 5th Grade, 8th Grade and 12th Grade.
The committee’s vision work will help complete the district’s strategic planning framework, and has a vital role in shaping and guiding SBISD related work over the next five years (2021-2026). With consultant guidance, the new committee will meet five times in the months ahead.

Community meetings will likely be held to gather input and feedback, with locations set in several locations to reflect neighborhood and feeder school areas. Committee recommendations will be presented to Trustees by February 2021.

Visioning for the Future Committee members named recently include: Connor Able, Walker Agnew, Rebecca Barbier, Lauren Berry, Kelli Bolen, Laurie Bricker, Leigh Anne Bryant, Maria Castro, Caroline Clay, Jennifer Collier, Katie Corona, Zach Danek, Katherine Dawson, Cristian DeLaRiva, Teresa Dolan, Virginia Elizondo, Cheryl Etlinger, Joyce Evans, Becky Fenn, Maya Franchi, Aime Gallardo, Curtis George, Emily Gonzalez, Wendy Granger, Tammy Hampton, Scott Harrell, Houston Hayes, Lindsey Heinzman, Stephanie Hruzek, Lourdes Jimenez and Ed Kaczenski.
Recently named Visioning Committee members also include the following: Nicole Marino, Joy McCormack, Kala McKnight, Misty Mousa-Lanza, Kristin Nash, Georgia Polley, Angel Purdy, Leslie Ramirez Pineda, Victor Resendiz, Kim Reynolds, Christina Rice Imumwen, Terri Rogers, Luis Rojas, Kathy Rose, Matt Russell, Wayne Schaper Sr., James Shaddix, Kelly Siblik, Amanda Sierra, Laquesha Spivey, April Tavilson, Anabel Taylor, Suzanne Telle, Patrick Terpening, Griselda Trevino, Ed Valicek, Leysa Vasquez Maury, Tyra Walker, Jamal Washington, Lisa Weir and Alex Zhang.