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Opening Remarks

Dr. Muri first congratulated Trustee Carter Breed for his first-place finish at the Spring Branch Education Foundation’s annual clay shoot tournament. He then told Trustees he would be testifying before the House Public Education Committee the next day, Tuesday, Feb. 12.

Second Reading of Policy

Trustees heard on second reading updates to board policy FNA (LOCAL) Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Expression. Policy liaison Karen Peck said that the policy is posted on the board’s policy website and has received no public comment, nor has it received comment from any Trustee. The policy will now go to third reading for approval.
FNA (LOCAL) Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Expression
Board Policy Website

Advanced Academics

Trustees heard a report on advanced academics from Director Pamela Johnson. Johnson said that SBISD uses the Texas Education Agency (TEA) definition in determining who received gifted and talented (GT) services – one who “performs at or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience or environment … .” Nearly 9 percent of SBISD students participate in some kind of GT services, Johnson said, compared to nearly 8 percent statewide. The Spring Branch Academic Institute (SBAI) serves the top 1 percent of those students. The number of students taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams – and the number of exams those students are taking – has significantly increased since 2014, as have the scores earned on those exams. Board President Josef Klam said that after Johnson’s presentation that he likes the way advanced academics permeates the entire system.
Advanced Academics Presentation

District of Innovation Exemption for CTE, Dual Credit Teacher Certification

Dr. Muri started the discussion by noting that the need for the exemption “came up through grassroots” and that the proposal is still open for public comment. Executive Director for Student Support Services lance Stallworth said that the exemption to teacher certification would “deepen the pool” for instructors in Career and Technical Education (CTE), dual credit classes, and for special education.  Dr. Muri said the exemption was about making sure that SBISD students have “excellent teachers” and that SBSID would never put an adult in a classroom without any training. Executive Director of Talent Karen Heeth said that the Personalized Professional Development Department (PPL) is working on training in classroom management and other areas for teachers hired under the exemption. The proposed exemption is not about alternative certification, where teachers with bachelor’s degrees earn teacher certification outside a college or university. She said, though, that any hire would be subject to reviews and background checks.
Proposed Policy Exemptions
SBISD District of Innovation Website

2019-20 Enrollment Projections

Trustees heard enrollment projections for the coming school year. Director of Research and Evaluation Mike Thomas told Trustees that SBID projects next year’s enrollment at 34,651 students, down 0.4 percent from this year’s official enrollment of 34,790 (drawn on Oct. 9, 2018). The decline is in elementary students, he said, with slight increases in middle and high school enrollment. Since the 2014-15 school year, SBISD’s enrollment has decreased a net of 468 students, with elementary and middle school declines negating an increase at the high school level.
Enrollment Summary Projection 2019-20

2019-20 Campus Staffing Projections

Trustees heard staffing projections from Executive Director of Talent Karen Heeth. Staffing is largely unchanged from last year, she said. It was noted that some positions around Opportunity Culture (OC) and Master Certified Instructors (MCI) had “bubbled up” from schools. Board President Josef Klam noted that while the state talks about identifying and rewarding high-performing teachers, SBISD has its own way – “and it’s working.”
Campus Staffing Projections

SBISD Police Department Grant

Trustees unanimously approved a grant application from the SBISD Police Department for National Incident-Based Reporting System software.
Grant Application Resolution

Executive Session

Trustees adjourned into executive session to discuss routine personnel matters and to consult with their attorney regarding legal requirements for various electoral systems.


The next meeting of the SBISD Board of Trustees will be Monday, Feb. 25, 2019, at 7 p.m. at Northbrook High School, 1 North Raider Circle, 77080.