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Approval of Student Fundraising and Overnight Trips for Spring Forest Middle School

Trustees unanimously approved 2018-19 student fundraising and overnight trips for Spring Forest Middle School.

Special Education Program Update

Trustees heard an update from Director of Special Education Joni Warren, who told Trustees that while overall district enrollment has dipped slightly, special education enrollment has increased. As expected, the number of referrals has also increased, with her department struggling to keep up with assessments, Warren said. She acknowledged that special education in Texas has responded to a Houston Chronicle report a couple of years ago that found that the Texas Edcuation Agency had set an arbitrary cap on how many students could eligible for special education services. Warren said that SBISD never had a cap and has always provided special education services and programs for eligible students. Dr. Muri used the SBISD Core Values to emphasize that there is no “number cap” in Spring Branch but “letters,” as in Moral Compass and Every Child, and that special education in SBISD is “driven by the needs of children.”
Special Education Presentation

Spring Woods High School Renovation Project

Trustees got their first look at the proposed designs for renovation at Spring Woods High School, part of the $898.4 million bond program approved by voters in November 2017. Presented by project architect PBK and based on the work of the campus Project Advisory Team (PAT), a group of campus and district staff, parents and community members, the renovations will transform the campus’ Media Center (library), Commons (cafeteria) and the plaza between the two. The floors of the two-story Media Center will be connected by a “learning stairs,” basically a wide staircase with room for students to sit and collaborate or visit. A large space on the second floor provides a space large enough for faculty for meetings, etc.

The Commons area gains space by converting a former teacher’s lounge to seating, and by increasing the queue line form 255 feet to 440 feet. SWHS operates a single “megalunch” – every student eats lunch at the same time, and the redesign works to take that into account. The plaza area that separates the Media Center and the Commons gets a refresh as well, including the addition of a small outdoor “stage” for pep rallies, etc. 

Director of Planning and Construction Travis Stanford said that his staff and PBK are working with construction manager at risk (CMR) Satterfield and Pontikes to develop a timeline but expects the work to happen over the next 13-16 months. Most of the project is a replacement of the mechanical system, he said. Some of the renovation work will require relocation of several classrooms but those logistics are being worked out.
SWHS Schematic Design Presentation

Board Meeting Schedule 2019-20

Trustees briefly discussed the 2019-2020 board meeting schedule. Board President Josef Klam said there were a few “anomalies” in the schedule to accommodate holidays and breaks. The board will approve the schedule at a future meeting.
Board Meeting Schedule 2019-2020

Leadership Development

Board President Josef Klam broached the idea of a board-led leadership program for district residents who are interested in serving on committees, task forces, etc. He said that SBISD is unique in its community participation in district committees and that he foresees more active engagement over the next few years. Trustee Pam Goodson said that she thinks the community is “hungry” for more information about the district. Klam said he would recruit a couple of board members to study existing programs in other districts.

Executive Session

Trustees went into executive session to discuss "legal requirements for various electoral systems" with its attorney, and other matters "as authorized by law." No action was taken upon return to open session.

The next meeting of the Spring Branch Board of Trustees will be a regular meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 25, at the Wayne F. Schaper Leadership Center, 955 Campbell.