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Trustees unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Spring Branch-Memorial Sports Association (SBMSA), extending a 55-year relationship at least another 15 years. SBMSA uses and enhances certain SBISD athletic facilities, providing recreational and educational opportunities for the community’s youth. The long-standing relationship was acknowledged by Trustee Karen Peck and by Board President Josef Klam, who said that the relationship was reflective of the SBISD community. “The line where one ends and the other begins can’t always be seen,” said Klam.
SBISD-SBMSA Memorandum of Understanding

Second Reading of TASB Policy Update 111

Trustees heard on second reading legal updates to a host of policies, provided by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). Policy Liaison Karen Peck said that the updates had been posted for 30 days on the board policy website with no public comment, nor had she received amendments from Trustees. The policy update now goes to third reading and final approval.
TASB Policy Update 111

Curriculum Update

Building on a curriculum presentation earlier this year, two Spring Oaks Middle School science teachers explained to Trustees how they are using data to guide how they teach. Mandy Gajeski and Christine Jackson used “a day in the life of a science teacher” to tell trustees how they look at priority standards and proficiency scales (developed by district staff and aligned with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills [TEKS]), then after determining students’ level of knowledge design several levels of  “playlists” or lessons in the itsLearning software. “Students are in charge of their learning,” said Gajeski. “Teachers can move around and help (students) immediately.” Use of data and other ideas are shared through Professional Learning Communities (PLC), said Chief Academic Officer Kristin Craft, and district administrators are working to encourage more teachers to follow the model. 
Curriculum Update Oct. 15, 2018

Athletics Programming Update

Trustees heard an update on district athletics programming from Executive Athletic Director Paige Hershey. Describing unapologetically the athletic department’s mission to “transform” lives through athletics as “audacious” but genuine, Hershey said that she’s most proud that district coaches are teachers first who care about the well-being of their students and who believe in the district’s goals and values. Hershey compared the operation of the athletic department to that of a corporation engaged in all sorts of activities beyond staging athletic competitions. She described much of what her department does as “planting trees,” operating programs that encourage personal growth through athletics. Some 2,793, 29 percent, SBISD high school students participate in athletics of some form, while 2,164, 31 percent, of middle school students are in athletics.
Athletics Programming Presentation

Executive Session

Trustees met in executive session to discuss routine personnel and other personnel items and the superintendent’s evaluation. Trustees unanimously approved routine personnel items upon their return to open session.
Executive Session Agenda Item (5)

The next meeting of the Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees will be Monday, Oct. 29, 2018, at 7 p.m. at the Wayne F. Schaper Sr. Leadership Center, 955 Campbell.