High Schools


Success continues for your student in Spring Branch ISD High School!

Our high schools offer top-notch instruction provided by exceptional educators, challenging coursework
and a range of extracurricular activities. This combination prepares our students for future success
in technical training, two-year college programs, or four-year universities (T-2-4).

Our graduates are equipped to thrive in their careers, higher education pursuits, and personal lives.

HIGH School Course Catalog  

Programs & Extracurriculars

With a wide variety of programs and extracurriculars, your child will discover new interests or develop existing ones.


Performing & Fine Arts

With opportunities to explore dance, drama, vocal and instrumental music and musical theater, our high school students develop creativity and confidence in our comprehensive arts education program.

Along with our performing arts program, our visual arts programs offer opportunities for students to develop their creative expression.

Visit the Performing & Fine Arts page to learn more.


Sports & Athletics 

Our comprehensive high school programs includes football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country, track and more. Check with your school for available program options.

Programs emphasize the development of key traits like sportsmanship, leadership, respect and teamwork - and align to our Core Characteristics of a T-2-4 Ready Graduate.

Visit our Athletics page to learn more.


Speech & Debate, Clubs

Students interested in speech and debate have opportunities to enhance these skills with programs in high school. Make sure to ask your school counselor about your school's program.

SBISD's high school clubs complement our core academics with fun projects and group camaraderie.

Talk to your child's teacher about available clubs and programs at your school.

School Plans, Reports & Ratings

Five Year Plan Goals at the campus level are reflected in each Campus Improvement Plan. These plans can be viewed from each school website or from SBISD's Assessment page.

Please visit your school website to review your specific plan.