Virtual School

Virtual School

Who better to benefit from the limitless possibilities of online school programming than today’s student?

They’ve grown up with the internet. They use technology to connect to each other, their interests, and the larger world.

Why go virtual?

  • Develop customized learning experiences on focused areas of interest
  • Create flexible scheduling opportunities for 24/7 learning

It’s about customized the learning for EVERY CHILD.

Our online learning experience serves students aiming to accelerate their credits with flexible options while creating unique, meaningful learning experiences – both inside and outside the classroom.

Students work at a custom pace based on their academic needs. While students complete courses by the end of the term, the rate they advance in a unit varies. To advance, a student needs to demonstrate mastery of a lesson.

Click here for detailed information on course offerings.


Our Vision

The Virtual School in Spring Branch ISD is designed to offer students different learning experiences during and beyond the traditional school day. 
  • Our goal is to ensure every child has access to limitless learning experiences that are meaningful and impactful.
  • Click here to see a listing of current course offerings for SBISD's Virtual School.