Program Overview

Who can take courses in The Virtual School?

Students in grades 6 through 12 can register to take District approved virtual courses for high school graduation credit. Students may take up to 1.5 high school graduation credits, or local credits, per semester in The Virtual School. 
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Academic Schedules

Courses offered online have rolling enrollments and  begin and end based on the timing that is right for each student. Summer course offerings have their own uniquely assigned semesters. All Virtual Courses are selected to align with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 
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Instructional Setting

The Virtual School offers students flexibility when it comes to their learning. It's about choice and what's right for each learner! Students can choose from courses offered during the day, courses offered after traditional school hours, and courses offered during our summer session. 
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Staffing & Responsibilities

Having key teaching staff members available to support students as they launch into their online learning journey is critical. That's why we've designed a customized support system for students enrolled in online coursework in The Virtual School. 
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Grade Reporting

During the school year, students in The Virtual School will receive grades  just as students in traditional classrooms.

In both instructional models ('during the day' and 'out of school day') grades count toward UIL eligibility. However, only 'during the day' school grades count in GPA calculations, per SBISD Grading Expectations.
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