How do I sign up or register for a virtual class?

Registration for the fall semester begins in the spring of the previous year and continues through the fall semester. Registration for the spring semester begins during the fall semester and ends in May. Summer enrollment begins in May. The virtual school year ends every year in July. 


Click here if you are interested in taking a virtual course through SBISD Virtual School. You can fill out the  form by hand or electronically. 
Click here to review the REGISTRATION PROCESS by CHOICE.

Who can take a virtual course? How many per semester?

Students may take up to 1.5 high school graduation credits, or local credits, per semester in The Virtual School. District approved virtual courses for high school graduations credit are offered to students in grades 6 to 12.

Click here for a listing of SBISD facilitated courses.

What about exams and exam exemptions?

Unit tests and semester exams are proctored in a face-to-face setting scheduled on one of the District high school campuses. Dates will be made available through the course.
Semester exams from SBISD Virtual School may not be exempted through the campus semester exam exemption process. All students enrolled in SBISD Virtual School are required to take the semester exam.

What if I want to drop a course? What happens?

Students may drop courses during the first 15 days of the semester. Students who paid for courses in the "out of school day" option will be reimbursed minus a $50 administrative fee.
"During the school day" students who drop a course will be moved to a regular section of the same course, if available. "Out of school day" students who drop will simply be dropped with no course in place of the dropped session. 

It's about CHOICE.

Students can elect to take a virtual class:
  1. During the School Day 
  2. Outside the School Day