Original Course Listing

Original Credit Courses


SBISD Apex - This is the reference used when we enroll a student in SBISD Virtual School using the Apex Learning courses and SBISD Teachers as the Course Instructors. 
ALVS - This is the division of Apex Learning that provides instruction with non-SBISD Texas certified teachers for courses where we do not have an SBISD course instructor or for a student who needs NCAA coursework.

Facts to know before taking an original credit online course:

Taking an online course is as rigorous as taking a face-to-face class.
The scope and sequence of each course is intentional, spiraling concepts within and between units to enable mastery of skills and concepts and the development of higher order thinking skills required for academic success. 
The amount of time student will spend varies by course. 
Each semester course lasts up to 18 weeks. Courses are self-paced, and students may work ahead of schedule to complete a course. 
To see a list of available original credit  courses, click here