Safety & Security

In Spring Branch ISD, we place the highest priority on the safety and security of our students and staff.

We regularly review and update our emergency policies and procedures. In the event of a school emergency, please monitor the district website or district social media for official information and instructions.

Emergency Guide for Parents

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School Emergency Response Protocols

When and why students and staff are asked to lockdown, secure, shelter, evacuate or hold

A school crisis may arise for a variety of reasons. For example, there may be an environmental event, such as a chemical spill or gas leak; a weather emergency, such as a tornado warning; or an intruder in or near the school.

Spring Branch ISD follows the Standard Response Protocol as part of our campus and district safety plans.  The nature of the situation dictates whether school officials, in coordination with the Spring Branch ISD Police, will put in place a lockdown, secure, shelter, evacuation, hold or any combination of these protocols, to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff.


A lockdown is called when there is a threat or hazard inside of the school building.  All school doors are locked, and students are confined to classrooms. No entry into or exit from the school is allowed until an all-clear announcement is made. For their safety, students will not be released during a lockdown.



A secure is called when there is a threat or hazard outside of the school building, for example, criminal activity in the community or an unsafe situation outside the school.


Students take shelter in designated areas for protection from hazardous materials or severe weather. No entry into or exit from the school will be allowed until an all-clear announcement is made. Students will not be released during a shelter situation.


In the event of certain building emergencies, students will be relocated to an evacuation assembly area.

The district will follow established procedures when releasing students to any parent/guardian. Students will only be released to a parent/ guardian who presents valid photo identification.


A hold is called when the hallways need to be kept clear, even during class changes.

If a hold occurs during class, students will remain in their classroom and continue with their studies as usual. If a hold occurs during a class change, teachers will recover all their students, close and lock their classroom and account for all students by taking roll.

The Role of Parents in an Emergency

Before a School Emergency

  • Ensure your contact information, including home and cell phone numbers, email and the name of individual(s) authorized to pick up your child remains accurate and current. Update phone and email information in Family Access (Skyward) or contact your school office.
  • Explain to your child that cell phones should not be used during an emergency unless directed by a teacher, administrator or emergency personnel as sound, vibration, or conversation could put your child in danger.
  • SBISD uses multiple channels to communicate in the event of a crisis, including mass-notification system callouts, emails and text messages, social media, district website, and outreach to local media.
  • To ensure you receive our communications in a timely manner, please use the School Messenger app to be sure you have opted in for voice, text and email messages through our School Messenger mass-notification system. This is a primary means of direct communications in the event of a school closure, weather event, or school/district emergency. You must be opted in to receive emergency text messages, phone calls and emails.
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During a School Emergency and Reunification after a School Emergency

In a school emergency, please trust that school and emergency personnel are doing everything possible to protect your child.  Your first instinct may be to call or rush to the school to get your child. However, doing so only complicates matters from a security standpoint. For example, too many people at the scene can hinder first responders’ access.

Additionally, in a crisis situation, school phones are needed to manage the situation and lines must remain open. Calling could also put students and employees at risk in an intruder situation.

Parents will not be allowed on campus during an emergency. Following an emergency, once safe student release is possible, we will communicate with you with instructions for reunification.

How Will I Be Reunited with My Child?

In the event students are relocated to an evacuation assembly area, parents and/or guardians will receive direct communication from the district with instructions for how to be reunited with their child.  We may also post instructions on the district website and social media.

Students will be released ONLY to parents and/or guardians who are documented as emergency contacts and who present a photo ID such as a driver’s license, military ID or passport. The reunification process can be time-consuming, so parents are urged to be patient in the event such a situation arises.

Although your first reaction might be to call or rush to your child’s school, please follow the tips listed below:

  • DO monitor the district website and social media for updates.
  • DO rely only on official communication from district or public safety officials.
  • DO listen for official information regarding reunification with your child.
  • DO NOT call or rush to your child’s school. Your presence could interfere with emergency responders.
  • DO NOT phone your child or school. Staff and students are discouraged from using cell phone communication for safety reasons.
  • DO NOT call the SBISD Police Department. Lines should remain open for emergency communications. 

The best action parents can take in an emergency is to stay close to your phone and email and monitor the district website and social media for regular updates and instructions.

Anonymous Reporting

Each campus has a link on its website homepage where anyone can anonymously report troubling situations. We encourage students, staff and parents to “See Something, Say Something.” whenever they have information that could help identify and intervene before an individual might hurt themselves or others. This includes, but is not limited to, issues around safety, security, self-harm, or other similar matters. Users can report observed threats, behaviors, actions and harassment like bullying or a student talking about planning an attack.

To report an emergency contact:
Spring Branch ISD Police Department @ 713-984-9805.