Choice Lottery

The SBISD School Choice lottery is processed through an automated lottery system which maintains the integrity of our processes while providing transparency for our community. The lottery process is certified through our district’s public accountant who is present during the lottery.

There are two definitions in the process:

  • Seated List The lottery ran and the student received a spot (or a seat”) at a school.
  • Waitlist The lottery ran and a student did not receive a seat” and is therefore on a numbered waitlist. You will be able to see your waitlist number.

On the lottery day, the system processed who gets into each school. When the lottery starts, everyone is on the Waitlist. As the lottery processes, students are moved from Waitlist to the Seated List.

The system will generate an ordered waitlist for these campuses and the number of students pre-determined to be drawn from each home-zoned school will be seated in the order in which the list was generated.

For example, if it is determined that the number of seats available to pull from Landrum Middle School is five, the first five Landrum Middle School applicants will be moved from waitlist to the seated list.

This process will continue until all seats are filled. The system then creates a numbered Waitlist for students whom did not receive a seat” at a school.