Waitlist Information

How Waitlists are Managed

About Waitlists

There is only a waitlist for the Choice Program lottery applications.

There are no waitlists for Transfer applications.

To See Your Lottery Waitlist Number

When you log into SchoolMint, you can see the Waitlist number, by school. As spots open up, schools then go to the top of the Waitlist and offer seats. If you get a spot, the school will call you and give you the offer to attend that school. You must accept or decline the offer on SchoolMint. The Waitlist stays open through the third week of the next school year.

Late Applications

After the lottery, any child not given an offer will go on a Waitlist that is automatically generated by the SchoolMint program.

All schools accept Waitlist students in order of the original Waitlist that is generated by the certified lottery. Any late applicants are moved to the bottom of the Waitlist.

Example Waitlist

A common question is what happens when I get accepted to my second choice school? Look at this scenario for three fictional schools. The lottery ran and the child was offered a spot at The Daisy School. The child will still stay on the Waitlist for any school above the ranking; so the child stays on the The Rose School Waitlist through the first three weeks of the new school year. The application is cancelled to The Sunflower School (because the parent accepted The Daisy School).

Your School Preference Order/Ranked Action
Rank #1. The Rose School Waitlist #30
Rank #2: The Daisy School Accepted
Rank #3: The Sunflower School Cancelled