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Weeks 9 & 10



Week 8: May 11 - May 15



Week 7: May 4 - May 8



Week 6: April 27 - May 1



Week 5: April 20 - April 24



Week 4: April 14 - April 17



Week 3: April 6 - April 9



Week 2: March 30 - April 3

Week 1: March 23 - 27




Additional Resources:


Phonological Awareness (bugbrained.com)

Phonics Awareness is an app that teaches your child how to segment and blend sounds and use vowels. Free

Phonemic awareness Bubbles (itunes store)

This app helps children develop their ability to listen for and discern sounds at the beginning of words through games. It includes matching, eliminating, and choosing images that either begin with the same sound or don’t fit the pattern. Free

Partners in rhyme (itunes store)

This app uses games to help children develop an awareness of rhyming. Games include matching, eliminating, and choosing images that either rhyme or don’t fit the pattern. Free

Name that Syllable (itunes store)

This app helps students learning about syllabication by identifying the syllable type of a word. Note: There is a cost associated with this APP. ($.99)

Starfall (starfall.com)

The website offers a range of activities from specific letter-sound practice all the way up to practicing reading short stories. Free

Making Words Kindergarten (itunes store)

This app helps students to unblend words in order to hear them.  Use with finger tapping to help with the multi-sensory component. 

Blast off to Reading (itunes) 

Short vowel rocket game that helps students review short vowel sounds.

LearningAlly (learningally.org)

Learning Ally (itunes store and learningally.org) Students can login into their accounts to have books and textbooks read aloud to them.  Login credentials necessary.