Graduation is a milestone in a much greater journey to career and life success! If our students graduate ready for college or with real-work skills that translate into a lifelong passion and career, then we’ve succeeded as educators.

High School Course Catalog

We believe there is a set of skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential for a productive and purposeful life so that all learners can achieve.

The Portrait of a Graduate presents a set of high expectations that reflects Spring Branch Independent School District's commitment to excellence, prekindergarten through graduation. It serves as a guide for creating a set of competencies in each curricular area and maintaining a coherent and dynamic curriculum.

Personal Qualities, Work Habits and Attitudes

The Spring Branch graduate…

  • recognizes that the learning process is a lifelong journey
  • exhibits honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness
  • accepts responsibility for his/her own actions
  • utilizes organizational skills
  • perseveres and is resilient in the face of disappointment and adversity
  • possesses self-confidence and a sense of humor

Basics for the 21st Century

The Spring Branch graduate…

  • acquires a sound foundation in the core academic areas
  • exhibits high levels of performance and achievement on a variety of assessments
  • participates in and appreciates the fine arts
  • furthers his/her development by participating in extra-curricular activities
  • explores knowledge of career options and pathways to their attainment
  • exhibits a healthy lifestyle
  • nurtures personal aspirations

Complex and Creative Thinker and Communicator

The Spring Branch graduate…

  • thinks critically and analytically using effective learning techniques to acquire and apply new knowledge
  • uses logical reasoning to draw conclusions
  • uses #limitless curiosity freely to generate new ideas and to anticipate and plan for the future
  • uses strategies to find and solve problems and make appropriate decisions
  • communicates effectively to reach a variety of audiences

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

The Spring Branch graduate…

  • contributes to group efforts with ideas, suggestions, and hard work
  • demonstrates effective leadership skills by communicating ideas and motivating others
  • collaborates effectively with others from diverse backgrounds
  • recognizes, appreciates, and respects others' points of view
  • works toward consensus and negotiates appropriate solutions. utilizes conflict resolution strategies

Community Contributor

The Spring Branch graduate…

  • embraces a sense of belonging and nurtures it in others
  • recognizes and responds with a #moral compass to societal needs
  • values and participates in the democratic process
  • participates in efforts to preserve the environments for future generations
  • understands and appreciates diversity


The Spring Branch graduate…

  • uses technology in a knowledgeable and ethical manner
  • utilizes information systems in personal, scholastic, vocational, and professional contexts
  • adapts to the evolution of software and hardware
  • selects appropriate tools and procedures to accomplish tasks
  • integrates technology in order to acquire knowledge and advance learning.

Visit the TEA website for a complete overview of the graduation requirements in the state of Texas.
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