11th Grade

Eleventh grade students should carefully check required courses for graduation and make sure the proper courses have been selected. Any required classes not successfully completed should be included in this year's course requests.

AP courses are also available in English III, all level 2 science courses, computer science, and levels IV and V of foreign languages. CTE courses at the Guthrie Center may also provide dual credit opportunities. All selections should be made with an ultimate college major or career goal in mind.

  • Testing Required : PSAT
  • Strongly Recommended: SAT and ACT in spring (necessary for college application process for fall of senior year).
  • Required courses: English III, U. S. History, 3rd math, science

11th Grade Timeline


__Check to see that you’re scheduled for the correct courses.
__Continue 10th Grade activities.

__ Prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT test


__ Begin attending college sessions at your high school.
__Obtain the catalogs/brochures of the colleges/universities.

__ Prepare for the PSAT by reviewing practice tests.


__Attend College Night.
__Take the PSAT/NMSQT (Practice PSAT) & use the results to help you.


__Set up a working resume for yourself.
__Visit your school’s college room/center.


__Begin writing your personal essays for applications, scholarships, etc.
__Determine your GPA and approximate class rank and check the entrance requirements for colleges that you are interested in to determine if your GPA and rank are within the norm for those universities.


__Begin deciding courses for the senior year.
__Check for course selection dates with your counselor.

__Review your PSAT scores and utilize the College Board My Road site that provides individualized assistance based on your results. This will help you improve your SAT scores.


__Requestverification of community service.
__Research to see if you will need to take SAT II tests.


__Begin to think about whom youwill ask to writeyour recommendation letters.
__Narrow your college choices to 5-10

__Take SAT (School Administration)

__Prepare for the AP Exams scheduled for May.


__Take all state and college admissionstests seriously!
__Check that your graduation requirements are in order.

__Register for the SAT and the ACT and take these if you have not already done so.


__Register to take both the ACT and SAT during the summer.
__Study and take as many AP Exams as you can.


__Take the ACT andthe SAT.
__Visit the colleges you are interested in.

__Volunteer in your community.