12th Grade

Remember—all graduation requirements, including passing all parts ofSTAAR must be met before you can take part in the graduation ceremony.

It is critical that each student and his or her parent carefully review the requirements for graduation and the student’s transcript to ensure the proper classes are selected to meet graduation requirements.The counselor will work diligently with you to select the proper classes, but remember, your graduation is ultimately your responsibility.Opportunities to retake classes failed during the senior year typically do not exist.Those classes must be made up outside of school hours, sometimes at considerable expense.

Testing:Required -STAAR EOC -English I, English II, Biology, Algebra I and US History

Recommended:SAT I, ACT, and TSI if needed, AP, SAT Subject Tests,if appropriate, TSI if have not met TSI college readiness requirements

Courses:English IV, Government, Economics, any other required course not previously passed.

By senior year, you need to have plans for post-graduation and you need to make sure your selections adequately prepare you for your future plans.

  • College—choose 3 to 5 schools:one dream school that may seem like a stretch, one sure thing, and several choices in between.Make sure you meet the admission requirements and are registered for the proper entrance exams.APPLY EARLY.Do not wait until just before the deadline or you may be too late.
  • Technical school—check with several to make sure they have the kind of training you are looking for.Compare their job placement rates and financial aid opportunities to determine which is your best choice.
  • Military—talk to recruiters for several branches of the service.See which one offers you the best opportunities.Make an appointment to take the ASVAB and keep in touch with the recruiter of the branch you select.
  • Work—make sure you have adequate job skills for a career with a future, not just a temporary job.See if the benefits plan offers incentives for further education.

12th Grade Timeline


__E-mail colleges to request information on admissions requirements, financial aid, housing and deadlines, etc. or check the websites and Naviance

__Work on the essays required for the college/university applications.

__Work on your resume.Be sure to include all of your volunteer work and extracurricular activities.

__Make sure that you have the classes needed in your graduation plan and required at the college or university that you are
planning to attend.

__Take as many challenging (possibly AP,IB, or Dual Credit) courses as you can.


__Keep a calendar with deadlines posted for easy visibility.

__Register for and take the SAT & ACT, and SAT Subject Tests, or any other exams required for admission to the colleges to which you are applying if you have not done so.

__Difficulty paying ACT or SAT registration fees? See about getting a fee waiver.

__Keep up with the scholarship bulletins throughout the year.

__Prepare your application carefully. Follow the instructions, and PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO DEADLINES! Be sure to ask your counselor and teachers at least two weeks before your application deadlines to submit the necessary documents to colleges (your transcript, letters of recommendation, etc.). Submit applications for college admission http://applytexas.org.


__Attend College Night!

__Check that you are scheduled to graduate at the end of the year.

__Meet with your counselor early to discuss your plans, transcript requests, fee waivers, and letters of recommendation (2 weeks’ notice).


__Check for scholarship opportunities in counselor’s office, websites (see below), etc. and complete and submit application forms before deadlines.

__Request letters of recommendation (2 weeks’ notice) from teachers.


__Be ready to send out Mid -Year Reports in January.


__Begin the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student) at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

__Complete all necessary financial aid forms; fill out at least one form that can be used for federal aid.

__Check to see if you will need to fill out a CSS/Financial Aid Profile.


__Submit your FAFSA/TASFAif possible.

__If possible, visit the colleges that most interest you.

__Check for scholarship opportunities in counselor’s office, websites (see below), etc. and complete and submit application forms before deadlines.


__Continue attending college sessions hosted at your school.

__Continue to check for scholarship opportunities in counselor’s office, websites (see below), etc. and complete and submit application forms
before deadlines.

__Compare the colleges/universities that you have been admitted to and determine which college/university you will be attending.

__Check AP Exam Registration dates.


__Verify that the college admissions office has all your paperwork.

__Review your FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR).

__Review the financial aid packages offered by the different universities.Remember that you have a choice regarding what you willaccept and what you will decline.Work with your parents through this process.Be ready to commit by May.


__Take AP Exams (Advanced Placement Program).

__Register for and take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) e.g THEA(Texas Higher Education Assessment), COMPASS, etc. if required at college or university that you are planning to attend.

__Finalize your housing arrangements.


__Review your financial aid package; determine if you will need additional monies for college.

__Determine a major if you haven’t already.

__Submit your request to the registrar for your final transcript which needs to be sent to the college/university that you will beattending.