9th Grade

Students in the ninth grade will take classes in English, math, social studies, and science. Some students, based onstate testscores, previous grades, and teacher recommendations, may take a reading course. Pre-AP and GT students who earned credit for Algebra I in 8th grade will take Geometry Pre-AP or GT.

Other Required Courses

Other required courses and electives include courses in PE,foreign languageand fine arts. Fall semester of band orcolor guard or two semesters ofathleticsor NJROTC may be substituted for PE credits.

If a student began the study of a language other than English in middle school, it is strongly recommended that the study continue in the ninth grade. If a student has not yet begun the study of a language other than English in middle school, the student must make a plan that will allow for the study of levels 1 and 2 in consecutive years.

Credit-by-Exam (CBE)

Credits-by-exam (CBE) are available for those wanting to place out of Spanish, French, or German. Students may earn 1 credit per exam. There are 4 examinations in Spanish for levels 1-4, 3 examinations in French for levels 1-3, and 3 examinations in German for levels 1-3. See your counselor to get more information about these examinations.

Required classes: English I, Algebra or Geometry, IPC or Biology, World Geography

9th Grade Timeline


__Sign up to take challenging classes such as International Baccalaureate or Pre-AP courses.

__Develop a four year high school plan if you have not already done so.

__Register on Naviance to help you with career investigation and college planning.

__Review yourPSAT results to help you identify areas of growth.
__Get to know your counselor & other college resources available in your school.


__Talk to adults to see what they like/dislike about their jobs & what education is needed.
__Become involved in extracurricular activities.

__Volunteer in your community.

__Check out career options using Naviance and other career websites.


__Start keeping all of your report cards, certificates, etc..
__Become involved in volunteer activities.

__Challenge yourself in your courses and prepare yourself for post secondary education/training by doing research on the websites and by visiting college campuses.

__Attend the district college fair.


__Start thinking about your dream career.
__Collect information in a file.


__Go to career day at your school or elsewhere.
__Check out Tech Prep courses; get college credit for classes taken in high school.


__Determine when course selection for 10th grade will be on your campus. __Select courses that will prepare you for your career goals.
__Keep up with your classes; grades are one of the top things universities consider.


__Start a savings account.
__Get to know yourgraduation plan; plan your classes with your counselor.


__Learn the difference between dual credit, AP and CTE articulated and dual creditcourses
__Become familiar with college entrance requirements


__Do your best onthe state asessement tests.
__Decide what leadership roles you would like to consider.


__Determine which graduation plan is right for you
__Do a four year rough draft of the H/S courses you need/want to take.


__Learn the difference between PSAT/NMSQT and PLAN® Tests and begin to study for these. There are test prep programs on line that are available free of charge.
__Research summer programs that focus on particular subjects, like science or math.