High School

School Begins on June 5th!

The 2019 High School summer program will be held at:

Northbrook High School
1 Raider Circle
Houston, Texas 77080

All questions should be directed to Denis Blais:

denis.blais@springbranchisd.com or 713.251.3006

2019 High School program dates are:

Session I: June 5 - June 20

EOC Testing: June 24 - June 27   

Session II: July 1 - July 17

*Note: There will be no school on July 4th

Summer School Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 2:30pm.

High School Course Offerings 

*Note: There may be other courses offered based on need (Creative Writing, Financial Math...).  Please have your counselor contact Denis Blais with specific course needs.

*Note: All summer school grades both original and retake will be noted on transcripts.

Original credit courses will NOT count toward GPA. 

Most original credit courses follow the same semester format as the traditional school year:

Session I - 1st Semester

Session II - 2nd Semester

All summer courses are based on enrollment numbers and the potential for a course to be closed does exist.

Every effort will be made to satisfy student course needs & requests.

Enrollment Forms

Out of District Enrollment

Out of district forms can be e-mailed to Denis Blais

Need to Know

Attendance & Absences

Prompt arrival and daily attendance are mandatory for academic success.

If there is an attendance emergency, parents should contact the attendance office and provide an explanatory note upon school check-in the following day.

Students who are absent from class more than one day in a session, for any reason, may be withdrawn and credit denied.  This applies for both original and retake classes.  Extenuating circumstances must be cleared by the Summer School Director.  Home school counselors, teachers or support staff may not grant waivers to this rule.  Each case will be handled independently.

Three tardy codes in a session will equal one absence and when combined with actual absence may result in loss of credit or dismissal from summer school.  Each case will be handled independently.

No refund of tuition will be given for students who are dismissed from the program for attendance reasons.

Fee Information

2019 Fee Schedule

*Note: Any student who lives in the SBISD attendance zone receives In-District tuition for Summer School.  This includes students who are private school students.

*Note: $100 is due at the time of registration.  Remainder of tuition is due by the 3rd day of the session enrolled.  Students who are not paid in full by these dates may be removed from the program.  Refunds will not be issued after the first day of the summer session.

Food Services

Breakfast and lunch are provided every day for students at no cost.  Breakfast lines will open at 7:15am and lunch will be provided at the scheduled time during the day.

Students who drive to school may not leave campus during the lunch period.  Students who leave campus will be handled on an individual basis.

Food from outside vendors may be delivered to school by the parent.  Lunches should be clearly marked for pick up, lunches will not be delivered to students.  We will not honor vendors who deliver through third party applications.


2019 Summer Routes

2019 Midday Routes

Transportation will be provided for students who live in the SBISD school zone.

Buses will pick up & drop off at designated schools.  Schedules will be uploaded as they are finalized.

Students may drive to summer school.  Parking will be available in the designated student lot at Northbrook High School.  Students may not park in the lot that is at the front entrance of Northbrook High School.