Middle School

Middle School Summer School will be held at Northbrook High School.

Director: Denis Blais

Contact Information: 713.251.3006 or denis.blais@springbranchisd.com

2019 Middle School Dates - June 5th - June 25th

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 2:30 PM
(Sessions may occur in the am (8:00 - 11:00) and/or pm (11:30 - 2:30).

Need to Know

Attendance & Absences

Prompt arrival and daily attendance are mandatory for academic success.  If there is an emergency, parents should contact the attendance office as soon as possible.  Parents should also send an explanatory note to school the following day.

Students who are absent from class more than one day in a session, for any reason, may be withdrawn and credit denied.  This applies for both original and retake classes.

Three tardy attendance marks will count as one absence.  A tardy will be assessed for late arrival in the morning, designated breaks or lunch.

No refund of tuition will be made if a student exceeds the number of allowable absences.

Food Service

Breakfast and lunch are provided as part of the summer nutrition program through Spring Branch ISD.

Breakfast will begin to serve at 7:15am.  Lunch will be served at 11:00am. 

Any parent wishing to drop food off for their student, should check-in the food at the Main Office and the summer school staff will deliver to the student.

Apps such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc. will not be allowed during summer school.


2019 Summer Routes

2019 Midday Routes

Buses will drop off students before breakfast or before lunch, if only attending Block II.

Buses will pickup and drop off at designated stops (usually closest school to home) at 11:00 am for Block I or 2:30 pm for Block II.


Enrollment Forms

In District Enrollment

Out of District Enrollment

Out of District enrollment forms can be sent to Denis Blais

Course Offerings


2019 Fee Schedule

There will be a $100 payment due at registration.

Payments will be made on home campus until beginning of Summer Session.

Remaining payment must be made by 3rd day of session enrolled.