CSHAC (Campus)

Campus School Health Advisory Council - CSHAC

This council represents SBISD campuses in evaluating the curriculum and programs in health fitness, health education, nutrition, and in parent/community programs.


Get involved!

One of the best parts of the CSH Program is the opportunity for staff, parents and community members to get involved and serve as active participants in the heath and well-being of students.  Please see the attached link for the CSHAC chair on your campus.











Links and Downloads:


Campus SHAC Forms

Effective this year, we will only be using the Alliance for A Healthier Generation checklist for the healthy school program assessment guide.  We will no longer ask you to complete the district electronic copy of the CSH checklist.  Those questions have now been embedded into the Alliance for Healthier generation assessment. 

The Allliance for a Healthier Generation online assessment opened February 11, 2019, so you may begin the checklist process.  If you started or completed this checklist last year, all of your information is there, and you can change or update any of those questions.  15 new questions were added that you will need to answer.  Here is the link to access the checklist….


you may upload any documentation for the checklist into the CSHAC Chair google drive.