KSHAC (Kids)

School Health Advisory Council - KSHAC

This council represents SBISD campuses in evaluating the curriculum and programs in health fitness, health education, nutrition, and in parent/community programs.

Edgewood Elementary KSHAC

“Our mission is to motivate our Edgewood family to live a healthier life-style now and in the future.”

Contact Info:  Art Nevarez, Health Fitness; Todd Walstead, Health Fitness

Edgewood Events
KSHAC Power Point
KSHAC Application

Rummel Creek Elementary KSHAC

“Our mission is to increase a healthy lifestyle for the students and staff at RCE.”

Contact Info:  Karen Harrell, Librarian;  Debbie Moore, Health Fitness

RCE Events have included meetings, planning for Health Night, Food Collection with the Student Council.

Westwood Elementary KSHAC

“Westwood Elementary’s K-SHAC (Kids School Health Advisory Committee) mission is commitment to helping students now and in the future, by encouraging change through improvements in language, respect, trespassing, and the safety of others, while encouraging healthy choices, eating habits and daily physical activity… We will be the change!.”  4-9-12

Contact Info: Samuel Karns, Advanced Movers Coordinator; William Bridgewater, Health Fitness

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Westwood Dates

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Garden Service Project

It's Summit Time


Red Ribbon Rally

Frostwood Elementary KSHAC

“Frostwood Elementary KSHAC is committed to helping kids, staff, parents, and community including those less fortunate through exercise, eating healthy, promoting safety and a clean environment.  We will lead by example with our actions, activities, words and outreach."

Contact Info: Marion Thames, Health Fitness Specialist

                     Heather Rexrode, Parent


Kennedy Uptegraph (senior) guest speaker from Memorial High School

"how to maintain a healhty lifestyle as kids transition into middle and high school.


Frostwood K-SHAC


Watch this awesome "morning jam" video from Wilchester Elementary's KSHAC that is broadcasted throughout the school every morning.



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One of the best parts of the CHS Program is the opportunity for staff, parents and community members to get involved and serve as active participants in the heath and well-being of students.

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