System of Care

The System of Care team provides a wide variety of supports across the district including, but not limited to, student behavior support, teacher coaching, and campus/district professional development in topics such as classroom culture, RtI, restorative justice and social skills.


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How did System of Care originate?

The philosophy of System of Care originated with the work of Judge Steve Teske of Clayton County, Georgia. Judge Teske recognized a growing epidemic of students placed in the juvenile justice system as the result of minor disciplinary infractions. Equally as troubling as the “why” students are getting in trouble is the “who”. Discipline data throughout the country shows the astounding disproportionality of rates and severity of punishment by race, gender, and socio-economic status in our nation. Coupled with the strong correlation between disciplinary action and the school-to-prison pipeline, Judge Teske has advocated that discipline reform is imperative for our children and the future of our country. He posits that it is through prevention and positive behavior support that we can use discipline as a teaching tool for improving behavior rather than a means of ineffective consequences with potentially detrimental and long-lasting implications.

The leaders of Spring Branch ISD studied the work of Judge Teske and districts that have successfully made vast changes in shifting campus culture and lowering the number of discipline referrals. It was clear that providing students with a positive, safe learning environment is central to making this shift, and therefore, central to the mission of our district in reaching T-2-4. Through comprehensive planning and the guidance of experts in behavior, neurological research, and the study of learning, in the Fall of 2014, the System of Care team in Spring Branch ISD was born. 

What services are provided by System of Care?

The System of Care primarily helps administrators by working with teams at their school to streamline and strengthen a behavioral SSC/STAT/RtI process. We also work with teams to strengthen campus-wide positive frameworks and systems at the campus such as PBIS, CHAMPS, Love and Logic, and more.

How does System of Care help students?

System of Care helps students by assisting with the design and implementation of behavior plans to support them in being successful in the classroom. Care Coaches study the functions and motivation behind student behavior to help the student come up with alternative, adaptive behaviors that meet their needs in a more productive way. Our coaches serve as a liaison to create, adapt, and/or support systems that will create a more supportive and positive environment that will foster student success.  

How is System of Care tied to the SBISD Core Values?

The System of Care encompasses all of the core values. By working alongside members from each campus, we are leveraging our collective greatness and our collaborative spirit to ensure we are reaching our goal of providing the best learning environment for Every Child.

Where is System of Care housed?

System of Care is housed in the Spring Branch ISD Administration building at 955 Campbell Road, Houston, Texas, 77024.

How do I request services?

You can email to have your school's Care Coach get in touch with you. You can also email your Care Coach directly; to find your school's Care Coach, please look here


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