School Communities

Each of our schools is served by a Community Superintendent. Each community is carefully designed according to the unique strengths, needs and opportunities shared by schools across our district.

The Spring Branch school community model has been designed first and foremost to provide academic support for our schools, educators and communities. In addition, Community Superintendents aim to provide a high level of customer service in helping our schools meet the needs of our students and families. 

The Responsibilities of the Community Superintendent:

  • Student Achievement 
  • Professional Development of Principals
  • Implementation of District Initiatives
  • Support of Campus Improvement Plans (CIP)
  • Focus on Quality Teaching & Learning 
  • Change Management Coaching

Schools Served by Ms. Parker

Schools Served by Mr. Weaver

Contact Us

Office of Administration and School Communities

Nita Flores | Administrative Assistant                                                                                                                

The Wayne F. Schaper, Sr., Leadership Center
955 Campbell Road | Houston, TX 77024

Phone:  713.251.2467

School Plans, Reports & Ratings

Five Year Plan Goals at the campus level are reflected in each Campus Improvement Plan. These plans can be viewed from each school website or from SBISD's Assessment page.

Please visit your school website to review your specific plan.